Your First Year Promise - Save on Energy

When you join Powershop Pro we make you a promise: The First Year Promise

What is the First Year Promise

The First Year Promise is the maximum amount you’ll pay over the first year you’re a Powershop Pro customer, based on the usage details you gave us to get your quote.

When you switch to Powershop Pro you’re not just changing your energy supplier; you’re switching to a whole new way of buying energy.

So, to make sure you make the savings we promised, we keep an eye on how much energy you’re using, and what you’re paying for it, over the first year. If you spend more than we promised, we’ll credit your account, no questions asked.

Why do I need one?

Did you know?

By month four most of our customers are already on track to beat their First Year Promise

We appreciate all this is all new, and to start with you may forget, or be a little nervous about buying Powerpacks. So, we give you the First Year Promise to keep you covered while you get the hang of things. Truth is, once you get the hang of it - you’ll love it. But it’s always nice to know it’s there.

How does it work?

Fill your details

Use our quote form to tell us about your current gas and electricity use

Get your First Year Promise

We’ll send you a quote. Here you’ll see your First Year Promise – we’ll tell you the maximum amount you will pay for your gas and electricity with Powershop Pro based on the usage you’ve told us.

Sign up to First Year Promise?

Sign up to Powershop Pro and we’ll commit to the standing charge and unit rate we gave you in your First Year Promise.

Start buying your energy

Become a Powershop Pro customer, buy Powerpacks when you want or just pay monthly for what you use.

We'll check in

We spread your First Year Promise out across the seasons to see how much we think you should be paying each month. Every month we’ll check in to see how you’re doing against this.

Due a credit?

Spent less than we estimated? That’s excellent! If you’ve spent more then no problem; we’ll bring you back on track by sending through a special discounted Powerpack or crediting your account.

See how much you could save

Get a quote and switch now