Save on energy bills during winter

How to save on Energy during Winter

Most people use more electricity in the winter; it’s a fact of life. When the days are colder and the nights are darker, it’s only natural to want to stay in and snuggle up. In recognition of this, at Powershop, we weight our discounts so our customers can make the biggest savings when they need them most. Take our Winter Jumbo pack (with savings like this who wouldn’t). This one Powerpack alone will save you a mammoth 37.2% against our standard rate. You’ll have to act quick to make the most of our January Jumbo- its only available until 21st January. But don’t worry, there will be another in our shop from the 12th February. Our winter special packs are great value too, we’ll be releasing one on 23rd January which offers a whopping 32% discount! And the savings don’t have to end there. There are lots of other things you can do to keep your energy bills down. Here’s five to get you started:

1. Turn down your thermostat: save up to £85

Lowering room temperatures by just 1oC can cut heating bills by up to £85 a year according to the Energy Saving Trust. And, most people won’t notice any difference. You could save even more by turning down the radiators in rarely used or empty rooms and setting your heating to turn off when you're not there. If you really want to get a grip on your heating bills, you could also invest in a smart thermostat, which will allow you to control your heating anytime, anywhere on your smartphone. It all adds up!

2. Replace light bulbs: save up to £180

LED light bulbs cost around £1.71 to run per year, so over their lifetime, they will save you up to £180 compared with incandescent bulbs. The most energy-efficient bulbs available use 90% less energy, and you could pick one up for as little as £3.50. That’s a snip when you consider how long they last. A typical Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulb will keep shining for around 10,000 hours, while an LED will go on for up to 25,000 hours - that’s 25 years for an average household! If you really want to maximise your savings don’t forget to turn off your lights and make sure you use the right sized bulb for your room. It makes sense to change your Christmas lights too. LED Christmas lights use up to 90% less energy than traditional lights, and there’s no better time to buy them than now in the January sales!

3. Choose energy-efficient appliances: save up to £239

Save on energy bills during winter - Choose energy efficient applianes to save on energy bills.

Replacing old kitchen appliances with new energy-efficient models can have a serious impact on your electricity bills. Running costs for washing machines, for instance, vary between £20 and £100 per year. Choosing an energy efficient tumble dryer could save you £70 a year and upgrading your fridge freezer a further £89. These products are not just better for your bank balance they’re good for the environment too. In fact, white goods have never been greener. OK, a new washing machine may not be top of your bucket list, but if you invest in one now, you’ll have more money to spend on the things you enjoy for years to come.

4. Take control of your energy bills

You know what they say: Knowledge is power. It’s true! The Powershop app allows you to see how much electricity you’re using and what you’re paying for it whenever you choose. Every time you enter a meter reading the information is updated immediately in real time. So, you always know where you stand. Better still – we’ll be launching gas soon. So, you’ll be able to take control of all of your energy with the same app! Existing electricity customers will be able to add gas to their account and new customers will be able to sign-up to dual fuel – watch this space for details.

5. Check out these top tips from our customers

Saving energy is a serious business, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. You may, or may not, want to act on these two top tips from Powershop customers, but they’re sure to brighten up the darkest day:

“Tell your daughter her boyfriend is on the phone when she’s in the shower to save on hot water!”
Honnie W.

“Locate your brown Burmese cat. Give it a long cuddle, then insert said cat between the sheets of your bed and return in approximately 30 minutes to warm your feet on his belly.”
Charlotte S

If you’ve found these energy saving ideas useful, please feel free to share them with your friends. Better still, invite them to join us. If you’re an existing Powershop customer, we’ll credit your account with £25 for every friend that switches before 31st March – up to a maximum of £150. And, your friends will receive a £25 credit too. Money saving tips don’t get any smarter than that.