How Does Powershop Save You Money on Your Electricity

Save money on your electricity and bring your bills under control.

Nobody likes to pay too much for something. Whether that be petrol, lattes, household bills or chocolate biscuits. Especially that last one.

And paying for electricity can feel particularly out of your control, because everything seems so opaque. How much electricity are you using? What are you getting for your money? How is your bill calculated? And how can you make it cheaper?

The only thing you know for certain is that every so often, a bill lands on your doorstep, and the cost can be totally unpredictable. It’s all confusing and it feels like the odds are stacked against you.

Here at Powershop UK, we think there’s a better way to buy electricity. We’ve arrived from New Zealand to change the way you buy electricity and help you save money on your energy bills.

First, we provide a more flexible way to buy your electricity, so you can buy as much as you need, whenever you want to. Secondly, we show you exactly how much energy you use so you can bring it under control.

Flexible electricity

At Powershop, put simply you only buy the electricity you need and pay for your energy however you like. This means no more unexpected bills and having to get money back from your supplier.

We pride ourselves on giving all customers the best prices all the time, and offer flexible ways to buy bundles of electricity, known as Powerpacks. We send you the latest Powerpacks via alerts on email or our mobile app. Powerpacks come in a wide range of sizes and prices so you can buy as little or as much as you like.

There are three kinds:

  • Future packs are buy now and use later bundles. They let you spread the cost, so you can buy energy when you’ve got extra budget and save it for later.
  • Special packs are our special offers, giving you discounted energy for a limited time.
  • Top-up Powerpacks are tailored to your energy use. You can buy these any time and start using immediately.

In short, you can buy the electricity you need whenever you like and take advantage of special rates to make it even cheaper!

Control your electricity use

We’re not just offering you cheaper electricity here at Powershop. We’re on a mission to help you understand your energy usage in order to budget and manage your bills. The less you use, the cheaper your energy bills will be.

Our free energy monitoring mobile app or desktop platform allows you to monitor how much energy you’re using – each and every day. See exactly how much electricity you use, and precisely what it costs. This can also be done on desktop too. You can compare days, weeks, months and your average use, all within the app.

Want to save even more money? Read our top energy saving tips to bring your bills down even more.

Plus you can submit meter readings whenever you like to help billing reflect consumption as it instantly updates your usage data.

With Powershop in your pocket, you can see how much energy you use and get it under control to keep on saving.

Our commitment to you

For all new customers in their first year, Powershop offers the Easy Saver Promise. This gives you the confidence that Powershop will save you money while you try and buy your electricity differently.

Simply tell us how much energy you normally use when you sign up, and we’ll commit to a fixed unit rate (£/kWh) and standing charge (£/day) – for a whole year. If for any reason you end up paying more than this amount during your first year, we’ll make the good the difference.

Powershop believe that when customers shop online and buy our Powerpacks they will quickly understand their energy usage and feel more in control.

So buying more of the Powerpacks to cover usage will mean customers will save even more and pay a cheaper price on top of the Easy Saver Promise.

Find out more about our Easy Saver Promise and see how much money you could save!


Switching to Powershop is easy!

Powershop makes switching your energy supplier to us incredibly easy. You’ve got nothing to lose, expect a big chunk off your bill. It only takes a few minutes and you can do it right now.

If you’re not fully satisfied with Powershop we will help you switch back to your previous supplier and refund any unused electricity without quibbling.

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