Household bills expenditure. Gas and electricity costs.

How much do we spend on household bills?

Household bills: How much you’ll pay in your lifetime

Ever wondered what all of your household bills would add up to over the course of your entire adult life?

We recently conducted a survey asking 2,000 UK adults how much they spend on their household bills – and the results are pretty mind-blowing.

Quite surprisingly, with everything thrown in - from your mortgage/rent payments to your weekly food shop - the average person will spend around £1.2million on household bills throughout their adult life.

Here’s a breakdown of where all that money goes:

Rent and Mortgage Bills

Naturally, one of the very biggest costs is putting a roof over our heads.

The average person will spend £280,000 on their rent and mortgage payments alone throughout their lifetime. This doesn’t even account for council tax, which sets bill-payers back over £1,000 a year alone.

Electricity and gas Bills

Collectively, the cost of utility bills equates to more than £77,000 across the average adult lifetime.

According to our survey, this breaks down as £342.08 per year for Water, £434.08 per year for Gas and £511.56 per year for Electric.

That’s a decent chunk of money, to keep the lights on. There is, another way, why not have a look here for more info here.

Internet Bills

You won’t find many UK households now without some sort of internet and broadband package. And with a lifetime cost of £13,500, no wonder your broadband provider wants you to stay connected.

Food Bills

A huge chunk of our money each month is spent on filling our stomachs.

However, the ever-increasing cost of food means that the average person has to cough up £3,790.80 a year just to put food on the table. That equates to a staggering lifetime cost £228,585.24.

TV Bills

Missing an episode of The Walking Dead is against the law in the UK and with such an enormous array of square-eye inducing box sets, it means we are paying more for TV services.

Signing-up to a Sky or cable TV package presents a significant outlay from our monthly household budgets. In fact, our study found that TV packages cost the average person a lifetime amount of around £18,000.

Full Annual and Lifetime Household Bills Breakdown


Household bills 6,242.64 376,431.19
Gas bill  434.08 26,175.02
Electricity bill 511.56 30,847.07
Water bill 342.28 20.639.48
Mortgage / rent 4,630.68 279,230.00
Food shop 3,790.80 228,585.24
Mobile phone 262.44 15,825.13
Internet bill / spend 224.52 13,538.56
Landline phone 194.28 11,715.08
Council tax 1,038.20 62,603.46
Car tax 124.49 7,506.75
Car insurance 750.96 45,282.89
Sky / cable 296.76 17,894.63
Life insurance 113.76 6,859.73
Buildings/contents ins. 229.92 13,864.18
TOTAL £19,142.37 £1,156,998.41

Despite, these household bills costs, our study found that some people could ease the pressure a little with a few tweaks here and there. For example, we found that 23% have a running direct debit for something they don’t use or need. This could be anything from a gym membership to a subscription to a streaming service such as Netflix.

Also, 20 per cent delay switching energy suppliers even though it could save them up to £300 each year.

And, 85 per cent of people, however, do in-fact shop around for the best deals in an attempt to reduce their bills. Getting the best prices, in a time of huge competition, is crucial when it comes to saving money and freeing up funds to do the things that you enjoy.

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