How Powershop can work for you

Why would you buy more of what you needed – unless there was something in it for you?

The way the current energy market works is like this – you use energy, you get a bill at the end of the month. Until that energy bill arrives, for most of us, we don’t know whether we’re in debit or credit.

It’s a bonkers way of doing things – you don’t fill your car with fuel without knowing how much you need to do whatever it is you do (none of our business).

If you’re driving from one end of the country to the other then you’ll fill your car up, but if you’re just using your car for trips to get a Cornetto from the shop around the corner because you don’t like getting out of your pyjamas, you might chose to keep your money in your bank, rather than your tank. And, if there’s a petrol station you know has cheaper fuel and the news is saying prices are lower, you might stock up.

There is no reason why we can’t have the flexibility to do the same with our electricity. Except it hasn’t suited Powershop to do it this way.

Until now. Until Powershop. We’re from New Zealand (yes, Lord of the Rings, yes The Haka) and have been giving customers this control, flexibility and transparency for almost ten years.

We’re in the UK to change how people think about– and buy – electricity. We’re putting the power back into their hands.

You buy the energy you want, how you want and when you want.

Electricity is a product, like bread, milk, petrol, beer…Cornettos. It’s only how the energy market currently works stops us all from thinking differently.

Buying energy should, be transparent, cost effective and simple, you shouldn’t need a PHD to work out your energy bill, or wait and see if the Russian roulette of being in debit or credit on your bill goes in your favour or not every month.

How Powershop works

Customers buy energy from Powershop as if it were any other online product. They can chose to buy pre-packaged energy bundles – called Powerpacks – via the app or desktop website. They offer customers a choice of prices, savings, pre-pay and value-added options.

Each Powerpack comes with information about how long it is expected to last. There are three types of Powerpacks in the shop:

  • Top-up packs – a standard pack that’s always in the shop for everyday savings
  • Future Packs – the option to buy power to use later in the year in order to save money during more energy consuming – and money sapping - times
  • Special packs – these are random discounted energy packs designed to encourage customers to keep getting a better deal. Named after special occasions, news events or humorous moments these pop up as alerts from the Powershop app.

Within the shop, customers can also pay for power when it suits them and change their billing date. While many customers regularly log in to the shop and buy powerpacks, others prefer not to. Those customers who don’t log in as much, or perhaps forget to log in will automatically have their power topped up at the end of each month, ensuring they remain powered up.


Once switched to Powershop people can start making the most of deals and playing the game of energy buying. Key to this are the Specials. Popping up as an alert in the mobile app or even through shared social media, they are special powerpacks designed to get the energy market moving and are a way to get people who have stuck with the same tariff for years engaged with energy buying. Some specials sell more and get shared significantly more on social media than others. Special powerpacks are packages and offers designed to mark a specific day or news event.

How the app work

The Powershop UK app is designed to give control to the customer allowing them to buy deals ahead of needing them, take advantage of savings as they wish and monitoring their own energy use and spending on the go. The App contains:

  • Tools to monitor energy usage, save money and buy power
  • Allowance to enter analogue meters on desktop and mobile app
  • Power Organiser to monitor how much power has been bought and how many days it is expected to last
  • Live updates and monitoring of power usage
  • Notifications of new Powerpacks and Specials
  • Offers and top ups

Other online tools such as the Power Organiser, which helps consumers see exactly how much power they are buying and how many days the power is expected to last, put the consumer in charge.