The Powershop App: How To Use It To Monitor Your Energy

A guide to getting the most out of our free electricity monitoring mobile app

Do you have any idea how much electricity you’re using every month?

Many people don’t. And that’s because the current energy market works like this. You use electricity and then a bill arrives. Only then you do you find out how much energy you’ve been using, or what you’ll have to pay.

It’s a bonkers way of doing things because it’s completely out of your control. Every time you plug something in or turn your TV on to watch Eastenders or TOWIE (no judgement), you have no idea what it’s costing you.

Buying electricity shouldn’t be like this. Your bill shouldn’t feel like a random roll of the dice as the electricity gods play with your money. It should be like buying any other product: clear, transparent and easy to understand from the outset.

At Powershop, we do energy differently. We’re in the UK to change how people buy, control and pay for their electricity.

You can do all of this on desktop or via the free electricity mobile app, which let you track you electricity usage in real time. You can understand exactly how much energy you’re using, and get it under control.

And we show you upfront exactly what the costs are. So you always know where you are and how much you’ll have to pay. And this information can help you save money on your bill.

Our Powershop app contains:

  • Updates and monitoring of your electricity use
  • Estimates of your daily and monthly costs
  • The ability to control your electricity use and save money on your bill
  • Tools to monitor how much energy you’ve bought and how long it will last
  • An online shop to buy special online deals (Powerpacks) – which are bundles of electricity tailored to your usage at discount rates
  • A way to submit a meter reading as often as you like for accurate billing

Our free electricity app allows you to monitor, understand and control your electricity use. This can help you save money against our Powershop Standard Price. You can get this benefit on your desktop or mobile app - here’s a handy guide to using the information.


How the Powershop app works

Once you open the application, it has three main screens to show you the energy usage. There is a useful grey bar across the top with three symbols in it – use those to navigate between the displays.


The first screen in our energy monitoring app is balance. This shows you how much your current electricity usage and bill will be for the current period. The wheel shows an estimated total energy usage amount in grey.

The green wheel shows the amount of electricity you’ve already purchased and paid for. And the thin pink wheel around the edge shows the amount you’ve used so far.

The difference between energy bought and used is shown in the middle of the wheel. Tap this to see how many days you’re ahead or behind with your purchases, and how much this costs.

This information will help you understand your energy consumption and keep it under control. Meaning you can watch whatever guilty pleasures on TV without worrying about the cost.

Scroll from side-to-side to see bill amounts for previous months and estimates for future months.


Get a handle on how much electricity you use and when you use it with the second Insights screen. This display shows you a bar chart of the month’s total energy cost, compared to previous months.

The bar for the current month shows bought energy in light green and used in pink. Previous months are in a dark green, and future estimates are in grey. Hit the ‘Key’ at the top for more information on what the colours mean.

Scroll down for loads of interesting and useful information, including the average electricity use and cost per day. You can also compare this to the previous year so you can see how you’re doing over time, and see an average energy use since you joined Powershop.

You can use this data to help you control your energy use, and its cost, as you go.

Daily usage

Monitor your daily usage levels with the energy mobile app’s third screen. You can keep track how much energy you’re using with electricity monitoring. Plus you can use this information to help you cut energy use and even save money on your bill.

This bar chart tells you in terms of how much money your electricity costs every day. Scroll along to see each day and rotate your device to see a few weeks at once.


Other features

The Powershop app also has additional features in the menu on the left side. Find your account number and details at the top.

Online shop

This is where you can choose Powershop’s online special offers in the form of pre-packaged power bundles, called Powerpacks. Pay for electricity when it suits you and get discounts with our Powerpacks by taking advantage of special offers.

There are three kinds of Powerpacks:

  • Future Packs – the option to buy electricity to use later in the year in order to save money during more energy consuming times
  • Special packs – these are surprise discounted packs. They are inspired by special occasions, news events or funny moments and pop up as alerts from the Powershop app
  • Top-up packs – a standard pack that’s always in the shop for everyday savings

Powerpacks will be tailored to you and your energy use, and you can get ever more savings by buying a combination of Powerpacks.

Once you’ve added Powerpacks to your cart, tap the blue ‘Preview’ button to see how much of your account’s monthly estimate is now covered before you purchase.

You can also change your account billing date to suit you from within the shop, putting you truly in control of your energy costs.

Meter reading

Submit a meter reading quickly and easily via our app. This will update the estimates for your energy usage and bill amounts, and you can do it as often as you like.

Simply enter the numbers and hit ‘Send reading’. The screen even has a torch symbol at the top so you can turn on your phone’s torch to easily see your meter reading.

Touch the little ‘information’ symbol to get loads of helpful tips about common types of electricity meters and how to take an accurate reading.

How to download the Powershop app

The Powershop UK app is free to download and use, and is available from these links:


Install the mobile electricity app and try a free demo today to see for yourself how it works. You can also access all of these features on desktop.

For more information on how all this knowledge and information at your fingertips could help you save money on your energy bill, get a quote from Powershop today.

Click here to find out how Powershop UK works.