What are Powerpacks and how do they work

Say goodbye to surprise energy bills and not knowing how much you’ll have to pay. Powershop is tearing up the electricity supplier rule book to bring you a new way to buy electricity.

We sell electricity in bundles called Powerpacks. It’s a more flexible way to pay for electricity, giving you the freedom and control to buy as much or as little as you need, whenever suits you best. With Powershop you can also buy electricity on the go - when you’re on the bus, at the pub or even at work! This is all thanks to our smart phone app.

Our smartphone app will show you how long your Powerpacks will last, based on your recent or estimated meter readings. This means you’ll have a better understanding of how much electriticy you have used and consequently how much you will have to pay. All of this information can also be accessed in your online account on your desktop or via our smartphone app.

Instead of paying for your energy only after your bill arrives, Powershop gives you control and choice. Here’s an explanation of how our Powerpacks work, to help you get the best deals on your electricity.

What is a Powerpack?

A Powerpack is simply a bundle of electricity. Powerpacks come in lots of sizes and prices so you can buy as little or as much energy as you want at any time to cover your usage.

We sell Powerpacks in our online shop, which you can access by logging in to your online account on desktop or from our free mobile app. Buying Powerpacks allows you to save money against the Powershop Standard Rate and will offer you a discount.

What are the different types of pack?

We sell three kinds of Powerpack: Future Packs, Special Packs and Top Up Packs.

Future Packs

These are buy now and use later bundles of electricity. They give you the option to buy electricity to use at a later point, meaning you can spread the cost of your energy, helping you to budget. You’ll get peace of mind while saving yourself some money.

Special Packs

Our Special Packs are special offers, giving you discounted electricity against our Powershop Standard Rate. The packs are suprising little offers we send through every now and again to put a smile on your face and a pound or two in your pocket. They’re inspired by special occasions, news events or funny moments.

Special Packs are usually only available for a limited time, so keep an eye out for them in our online shop or mobile app, where they will pop up as alerts.

Top Up Packs

Top Up Packs give you a bundle of electricity ready to use immediately and are tailored to your energy use.

Underneath each Powerpack in the shop you’ll see the following information:

  • The cost of the pack (the amount you pay) and what it’s worth (based on the Powershop Standard Rate), making it easy to see how much you’re saving
  • How many pounds a day the cost of that electricity works out to be

How do I pay for Powerpacks?

Paying for Powerpacks couldn’t be easier. To shop, log in to your Powershop account from your computer or our mobile app and select ‘shop’.

Choose the Powerpack you want and add it to your shopping basket, then pay at the checkout. We accept credit or debit card to pay for Powerpacks.

How many Powerpacks should I buy?

As many as you want and need to control it and own it! The answer really depends on:

  • What suits you
  • How much money you have to spend right now
  • How much energy you tend to use
  • What’s coming up (such as cold weather)

When you put a Powerpack in your basket, the Power Organiser on desktop will show you how many days it’s likely to last, based on your actual or estimated meter readings.

It gives you plenty of choice over how you budget. If you want to budget on a weekly basis, you might prefer to buy a few smaller packs regularly over the billing month. If you budget per month, you may find it easier to buy a larger Powerpack to see you through – it’s entirely up to you.

Once you’re regularly buying energy in this flexible way, you’ll soon get a feel for how much electricity you use. You can keep monitoring your usage with our mobile app or online tools. To help you save as much money as possible, enter regular meter readings which helps accurately predict your usage.

What if I don’t buy enough Powerpacks to cover my usage?

If you ever forget to buy enough Powerpacks or don’t have time, don’t panic! Powershop isn’t a pre-pay service and we won’t cut off your electricity supply. We’ll send you an email reminding you that your billing period is close to ending. You can then log into your account and purchase any Powerpacks you may have missed to cover what you have used. If not, we will bill you at our standard Powershop rate.

Read our guide to the billing and payment process here for more information.

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