Energy Pricing and Fees FAQs

Energy Pricing and Fees FAQs

  • Will I pay the same amount every month?

    The big difference between Powershop Pro and other energy tariffs is that you only get charged for the energy you use. And, we give you the chance to make extra savings with Powerpacks. So, your monthly payments are not fixed. They will vary based on how much energy you use and the Powerpacks you buy.

    Powershop Lite customers have fixed monthly payments, and so pay the same amount every month. Find out more about Powershop Lite.

  • What are your prices and products?

    We don’t complicate things with lots of different products, we have two, and that’s it.

    Powershop Pro is the full Powershop experience, where you can understand your energy use and habits and buy your energy differently to make extra savings against your Baseline rate every month.

    Powershop Pro is great but is very different to the normal energy model. To make it work, you've got to get involved, enter meter readings regularly and actively purchase your energy, and that’s not for everyone. That’s why we’ve introduced Powershop Lite; our more traditional, fixed monthly payment option.

    Powershop Lite gives you our app and the tools on our website to gain a better understanding of how much energy you’re using and learn how you could use less. Your monthly payments are fixed, which means can’t make any extra savings by buying Powerpacks, so you won’t save as much as you could with Powershop Pro. But you’ll still get a competitive fixed rate, and you can use Powershop Lite as a stepping stone towards Powershop Pro whenever the time is right for you.

    Not sure which Powershop product is right for you? Call us on 0800 009 3719 and one of our team will help you decide.

  • What makes up the Powershop price?

    Our price covers the full cost of supplying power to your property, including:

    • The cost of generating gas and electricity
    • The cost of transmitting and distributing gas and electricity to your home
    • Value Added Tax (VAT)
    • Service costs such as meter lease and reading, billing and customer support
  • Will, I be charged for additional services?

    We will charge you for any extra services that are not covered by our normal charges, such as meter readings that you request. We will of course, inform you before we go ahead. For more information, see our schedule of fees.

  • Why are the prices different for different people?

    Like all energy suppliers our prices vary from place to place and property to property. The amount we charge is based on a number of factors, including:

    • Which type of meter you have / the metering set-up of your property
    • Where you live / the local network company charges
    • When you use energy
  • I joined Powershop before April 2018 – what is my pricing model?

    If you joined us before April 2018 you’ll be a Powershop Pro customer on a standard variable rate and buying Powerpacks to save against this rate. Once you’ve been with us for over 12 months, we’ll get in touch to move you from your standard variable rate to a fixed rate. You’ll still buy Powerpacks to save against this rate as normal, and all the details regarding the tariff costs will be in our communication.

    Your First Year Promise (previously known as Easy Saver Promise) will also end after you’ve been with us for 12 months, but by then you’ll be buying Powerpacks and beating your First Year Promise anyway!

  • What should I do if I'm struggling with Powershop Pro?

    If you've got any questions about any aspect of the Powershop Pro service or about buying Powerpacks, please call us on 0800 009 3719.

  • How do you match my electricity consumption to ensure my electricity is renewable?

    We will match your annual consumption for the Fuel Disclosure Period (calculated between 1st April and 31st March) to purchase REGO certificates to offset electricity usage in the fuel disclosure period. Beyond this, there are currently no additional environmental benefits to this tariff.  

    Information on each tariff is detailed in the tariff information when you receive your quote

  • Is the electricity flowing through my home from renewable sources?

    The ‘normal’ energy supplied to a customer’s home comes from the National Grid and is made up of electricity and gas (if you have both) produced from a variety of sources. If you are on an Powershop Lite tariff, we'll match the electricity you use with the purchase of Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGOs).

    Information on each tariff is detailed in the tariff information when you receive your quote

  • What are REGOs?

    REGOs are Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin Certificates – they essentially provide proof that electricity has been generated from a renewable source. OFGEM issue one REGO per megawatt hour (MwH) of electricity generated from eligible sources to renewable electricity generators.

  • Looking for more about sustainability in the energy sector?

  • Why aren't you matching my gas units?

    The renewable electricity market is fairly advanced, so a large amount of renewable energy certificates for electricity (REGOs) are available. This means we can match the electricity consumption of our customers on the tariff. Renewable gas is a much newer concept, so the number of renewable energy certificates for gas (RGGOs) is limited