Powershop Lite: FAQ's

Powershop Lite: FAQ's

  • Will I pay the same amount every month?

    We give you fixed payments with Powershop Lite, meaning you'll pay the same amount every month. But it's worth bearing in mind that if you start using more energy, the amount you pay us will increase, even though the price per unit stays the same.

  • Can I cancel before the end of my fixed term?

    Yes. You can cancel your fixed price energy plan at any time with no questions asked. You’re in control with Powershop Lite. You don’t have to pay an exit fee to do so.

  • What should I do to protect myself from interruptions to my electricity supply?

    Your electricity supply can be interrupted for many reasons, both planned and unplanned. Interruptions to electricity supply include fluctuations in the frequency and/or voltage of supply and surges caused by high-powered electrical appliances. You can also experience surges through your telephone and cable lines.

    Because interruptions happen, we recommend you minimise the risk of damage to electric appliances, and especially to sensitive and expensive appliances like computers, televisions, stereos, washing machines and dryers, and heat pumps. To do this, you can install products such as:

    • Surge protectors
    • Power conditioners
    • UPS (uninterrupted power supply)
    • RCDs (residual current devices) and isolating transformers

    Which of these you use depends on your circumstances. We recommend you talk to a local electrician or your local electrical outlet to help you choose the best solution for you.

    If you’re at home and there’s an interruption to your electricity supply and you either have no electricity, or your supply voltage drops (you usually notice this if your lights dim), we recommend you switch off all electrical appliances at the wall outlet. This can help prevent damage if there is an electricity surge when the supply is restored. Just leave a light or two on so you know when supply is restored. We also recommend that you have insurance that covers you for loss or damage due to electricity supply interruptions or fluctuations.