The Powershop Pro First Year Promise

The Powershop Pro First Year Promise

  • What is the First Year Promise?

    Please note: The First Year Promise is available to Powershop Pro customers only.

    We want to make sure you get the best gas and electricity prices from us. So, to help you get used to our new way of buying energy, we give you the Powershop First Year Promise. 

    The First Year Promise is the maximum amount you’ll pay over the first year you’re a Powershop Pro customer*, based on the usage details you gave us to get your quote. So, if it takes you a while to get the hang of buying Powerpacks, it’s no problem. If you pick it up straight away, that’s even better - you could pay even less than the promised price and save even more!

    * You will get a First Year Promise per fuel type. So if you join Powershop Pro as an electricity-only customer you will get a First Year Promise that will last until the 12 month anniversary of Powershop supplying your electricity. If you later add gas to your account you will receive a First Year Promise specifically for gas, this will run for 12 months from your gas supply date.

  • How do you make good on your First Year Promise?

    We spread your First Year Promise out across the seasons to see how much we think you should be paying each month. Every month we’ll check in to see how you’re doing against this. If you’ve spent more than we estimated, we’ll bring you back on track by sending through a special discounted Powerpack or crediting your account.

  • What happens if I leave before the 12 months is up?

    The First Year Promise only applies to customers who remain with us for 12 months. If you switch to another supplier during this time it is no longer valid. So, you will not receive a credit if you have paid more than the First Year Promise price should you choose to leave.